With the population of Caledonia increasing, there has been a lot of discussion about looking at the boundaries related to Haldimand’s Municipal government.

Ward 5 has a unique identity and is rural in nature. Population aside, the urban part of Dunnville has very different needs than the residents who are located in Ward 5 surrounding communities such as Byng, Port Maitland, Lowbanks and Moulton! I believe in communities in the county, not county only!

Marianne will fight to keep our seat at the table. Let’s be clear, I am not in favour of Ward 5 & 6 being amalgamated together. We need to keep both seats at the table to ensure that the Dunnville and surrounding area keep the 2 votes needed.

Professional Polling: I believe in professional polling of major issues! Every citizen should have a say in how huge amount of dollars are spent and the county should have a true feel of the ward and county concerns. This would be money well spent as many cities and towns do it now.