Hi, I’m Marianne Kidd and am really excited to be running for council to represent Ward 5 in Haldimand County. I am the only woman on the ballet for Ward 5 and this makes me proud.

I am married to Neville Kidd and we live in Lowbanks for the last 7 years. We both grew up camping along the grand river and this brought us back to the area so we could raise our family. We have 3 beautiful children Lauren, Xander and Nicole. I am a fiscally minded individual who has worked in the field of purchasing for over 15 years. My career has been focused on cost savings initiatives for goods and service contracts. I plan to use this experience to look for ways we can save money at the county.

I am also proud to be a local business owner who has brought 8 jobs to our community over the last 4 years. This rewarding experience has inspired me to take on the challenge of bringing even more jobs to our area. I want our children to grow up and be able to live and work in Haldimand County.

Our area has some of the most beautiful natural features in the County. From the lighthouse and pier in Port Maitland to the Strawberry fields in Byng & Lowbanks….I think that focusing on recreational and agricultural tourism will help establish more small businesses in the Dunnville & Surrounding communities. I see a great future for our area including a new hotel and transportation for people who don’t drive.

If elected, I will be your voice at the municipal table. The constituents of ward 5 will become my boss….simple as that!

On October 22nd, I need your support. Please vote for the new Kidd in town!