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With the population of Caledonia increasing, there has been a lot of discussion about looking at the boundaries related to Haldimand’s Municipal government.

Ward 5 has a unique identity and is rural in nature. Population aside, the urban part of Dunnville has very different needs than the residents who are located in Ward 5 surrounding communities such as Byng, Port Maitland, Lowbanks and Moulton! I believe in communities in the county, not county only!

Marianne will fight to keep our seat at the table. Let’s be clear, I am not in favour of Ward 5 & 6 being amalgamated together. We need to keep both seats at the table to ensure that the Dunnville and surrounding area keep the 2 votes needed.

Professional Polling: I believe in professional polling of major issues! Every citizen should have a say in how huge amount of dollars are spent and the county should have a true feel of the ward and county concerns. This would be money well spent as many cities and towns do it now.


I believe that high speed Internet has become an essential service. I plan to work with other Councillors so that we can ensure it is available to rural residents in the county. There is programs and success stories from other municipalities that we can incorporate into an action plan for the infrastructure required. Having access to rural High Speed Internet, will also help people in the area who work from home or that want to run a home based business.

For example, in the Niagara Region, they have partnered with the SWIFT project (South Western Integrated Fiber Technology). This is an initiative where key stakeholders are working together to bring High Speed Internet to those in rural parts of the Niagara Region. Haldimand needs to have one of these programs in place.

SWIFT Project – Niagara Region



We all need to work together through community organizations and government to ensure our amazing hospital stays that way and that everyone can have access to a family doctor close to home.

I see a healthy and vibrant future for our constituents. Unfortunately, I also see struggles for people who don’t have a family doctor…or if they do, it is far away from home. Our Dunnville emergency department currently sees patients that can’t get to their family doctors. We have one of the best ER’s around with short wait times and great staff; however, the ER also struggles to find doctor and nurse coverage which will only get worse with the new hospital doubling its capacity.

We have 17% of visits to our ER that come from the Hamilton and Niagara surrounding communities….this is going to increase along with our capacity.

I plan to work with the Health and Social Services advisory committee to ensure there is recruitment strategies in place for family doctors and emergency medicine throughout the county. Other municipalities have Doctor recruiters, such as the City of Port Colborne.

We have had professionals from the Hagersville hospital make presentations to council regarding this concern for the County. At this stage, no follow up or progress has been made since. There needs to be more incentives to help bring medical students and new doctors to our rural communities.



Programs for seniors in the area can be improved. From affordable housing to recreational activities, focusing on our aging community needs to be at the forefront.

There needs to be more single unit living accommodations for seniors. At the Grandview Longterm home in Dunnville, we have over 400 people on a waiting list. There is more work to do….we need to work with our community organizations to bring unique affordable housing ideas to the area.

Keeping seniors in their homes. Lets look at other communities and come up with more ideas to help keep seniors in their homes. An example is looking at neighbouring Wainfleet and how they are using EMS services to do home checks.

Wellness activities in Winter months needs to be a priority. We should not have to drive out of the community to the cities to get what we need. The activities that we have are currently only for a select few.

I would support a new indoor pool for the area that can benefit people year round including our seniors and children.  I will get a team together to get this process started.  In addition to an indoor pool, we can add more programs for year round use of the arena with activities such as Pickle ball.


From the beautiful Pier down in Port Maitland, to the Strawberry fields of Byng & Lowbanks…..Ward 5 is host to some of the most amazing parts of the County. A focus on Rural Business and Tourism needs to be a focus. These businesses help bring jobs to our community that are much needed. Support for events such as the Grand Tour need to be kept at the forefront. As a representative of Ward 5, I will work hard to promote and encourage Tourism in the area.

I also would support local projects such as more parking down at the park in Port Maitland to alleviate the trailer boats that line the county streets now that a boat ramp is in place.

Marianne is a local business owner who understands the challenges that many small business owners face. I plan to work with The Rural Business and Tourism Community Improvement Plan (RBTCIP) to ensure that the Dunnville and Ward 5 area is a main focus for the County.


We need bold and fresh ideas all over the county. With the centralization of the satellite offices, it is becoming more apparent that we need to ensure transportation is available for people who don’t drive.

Uber has come into other communities and should be looked at as an opportunity for Haldimand. There is models implemented in other parts of Ontario and we need to start looking into this as an option for the Dunnville and surrounding Haldimand Areas. An example of where this works is Innisfil. See the link below.

Uber Teams up with Rural Ontario Town – Innisfil


The structural damage to some homes due to erosion has been causing breakwalls to crumble into the lake. This is forcing the eviction of some homeowners whose houses had become unsafe. The county needs to keep these issues at the forefront and help provide solutions for residents facing eviction.

Marianne’s family owns property on the Northshore and is also concerned about the increasing levels of the lake along with all the damage being cause for residents. We should work together to reduce the red tape required to get permits for breakwalls as groups instead of individuals.

I would also call for a public county meeting with all key stakeholders including the GRCA, NPCA, county staff, council and Provincial Ministries. We need to come up with a long term protection plan that encompasses all points of government.